How Does Scoring Work On The Metaverse
Scoreing help information is not yet available. Please try again later, as this will be updated shortly.

Note: Game scores are updated several times a day and are not in real-time.

How Do I Use The Search
To begin searching, you must first select the category from which you will search in. To do this, click on the cross-heirs image or the header text of the category. For example, you could click directly on the 'Top Empires' text. Doing so should highlight the 'Top Empires' category.

Now that you have selected the category, simply begin typing in the search box below it. If the search category supports "type-ahead" technology, as you type, it will then give you search suggestions from which you can choose.

Now, press ENTER, or click on the 'Go' button to recieve your search results.

Why Does 'Games Played (GP)' Seem Incorrect
When viewing character stats, you may notice that some characters total games played does not equal the total games won and lost (win+lost) combined.

The reason being the total games played value is the total games submitted to the metaverse, where as wins and loses are added somewhat differently. If a player submits his/her game score to the metaverse and cheats are detected, that game is not added to the win/loss total. Thus, the win/loss value may actually be higher then what is being displayed and therefore making the total games played seem a bit off.